Echoes of the Ascended

Echoes of the Ascended is a series of series. Each follows the lives of five orphans. Each features a different orphan. Each is a different kind of tale. Read one, two, or all the series to customize your own unique, personal experience into the grander story of Aedaron.

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Back to ComicCon

Back to ComicCon

July 19, 2016

Ten years.   Ten years since Joe and I last attended San Diego Comic Con.  Ten years and a lifetime of change for each of us.  I lost both my parents, but became a father myself.  We both started our own families and new lives. And oh yeah, we published a lot of novellas.   […]

We Have Heard You

We Have Heard You

June 24, 2016

Or at least we hope it’s you and not one of those many voices in our heads. No doubt some of you have noticed we have not released the next Elinor story this month. And for those of you who are concerned, first off, thank you and we love you! And secondly, do not worry, […]

Faith and Moonlight Part 2

Faith and Moonlight Part 2

May 15, 2016

The tale of Roan and Kay continues in Faith and Moonlight, Part 2. Both of them have made it into the school of Faith.  But now that they are there, things have begun to change. For Roan, he has found a place where he can excel.  But he now questions the parts of him that […]

Gelineau and King

Two writers creating the types of stories they love to read




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