Numbers and Stories

I’ve always been a numbers guy. Which is to say I’m really into expected values, ratios, statistics and all other manner of sexy mathematical data. But then again, who isn’t, right? Actually, I’m terrible at math, but it’s not doing the numbers that I like, it’s reading them. I feel like behind any set of […]

Why Shyness Sucks

I was a shy kid growing up. Always the quiet kid in class, the reader.  Had a close group of friends, but was never the dynamic center of attention.  But the truth was, I always wanted to be.  My inner attention whore was trapped behind that shy façade, waiting to break out. It took a […]

Fascinated Fridays: Marvel Unlimited, or “Why comic book Netflix is awesome”

So for our Friday posts, we wanted to share things we are currently into.  Stuff that is exciting to us, or that we are really digging right now.  I am going first, and I’m talking about Marvel Unlimited.  I discovered comics in the mid 80’s, when a friend at school was telling me about this […]

Where We’re Going

I’m pretty excited to have drawn the post on where we’re going, because as proud as I am of where we’ve been, and believe me, proud does not begin to describe it, I am overjoyed when I think about where we’re going. First Off, the Novellas Almost two years ago now, we started our writing […]

Endings and Beginnings

Well, I’ll be honest.  That took a little longer than I expected.  The last post here was right at the end of summer, and in it, I was lamenting the end of summer and the return to work.  I was worried about my ability to continue our writing at the pace we had enjoyed over […]