Where We’re Going

I’m pretty excited to have drawn the post on where we’re going, because as proud as I am of where we’ve been, and believe me, proud does not begin to describe it, I am overjoyed when I think about where we’re going.

First Off, the Novellas

Almost two years ago now, we started our writing partnership in earnest when we published our first novella “A Little Southern Hospitality” in the collection Once Upon a Sixgun. In the midst of our full-time day jobs, even fuller-time families, and on the wrong side of our 30’s, we decided it was now or never, and we found a way to do what we love – tell stories. Most people buy cars during their mid-life crises? Yeah, we wrote a book.

And now we’re back at it, back to the short novel storytelling that started it all. So far, we’ve got a couple of series in development. We’ll drill down on them more in the coming weeks, but currently we’re developing genre stories that have always been near and dear to our hearts. From our fresh take on the fantasy serial, to the far reaches of our space opera, to our exploration-themed steampunk adventure story, to name just a few concepts we have in production, I think there is going to be something for everyone.

We hope to get the first one done sometime by the end of June. And then, we’re going to publish one every month thereafter. That’s right. Every damn month. Aggressive? Maybe. Exciting? Hell, yes.

Talking about (Self) Publishing (is like dancing about architecture?)

So after some pretty epic discussions on traditional vs self-publishing that have consumed many meetings, dinners, emails, and conversations over the past few weeks, Mark and I have finally come to one clear and final conclusion. We’re sick of talking about it!

We have no idea what the Right Path is, let alone even where it is. So screw it, right? Let’s just go all in and make it happen.

So I’m pretty thrilled to announce we are going the self-publishing route. Again, we’ll talk more on this down the road, but ultimately, I think it’s the option that gives us the most control over our product. Sink or swim. Succeed or fail. It’s all on us.

From editing, to finding and developing relationships with cover artists and illustrators, to layout design and formatting, and to marketing, and distribution, and all the other details that go into making the best possible product for our readers. It’s all on us now.

And you know what, that’s just my game.

The Summer Plan, or, how we figured out a way to actually make our dreams a reality

In our 25 years of friendship, I think Mark and I have always talked about writing together as a career. It has always been our big dream. Well this year, we’re happy to announce, the dream is dead. We killed it. And in its place, we’ve got a plan. The Summer Plan.

Segue Way! (you have to imagine Ken Jeong’s voice for that one)

This summer, we’re making things, really real.

While Mark’s teaching gig lets out for the summer, we’re leasing a small office for 2 months. And during these blessed (or grueling) two months we’re going to write and write and write. For a minimum of 40 hours a week, we’re going to get uninterrupted and private time to finally make our dream a reality.

We’re going to work on the novellas, our novel(s), the business of self-publishing, and anything and everything we’ve got to get done to bring this shit to life.

Time to Get Back to It

Alright, time to stop talking about writing and get back to breaking stories and watching Mark bring them to startling life. I just wanted to share our hope, our vision, our mission for the days that are to come.

Now that we’ve said it, it’s out there, and it’s real.

Is it going to be easy?

I hope not.

Nothing worthwhile ever is.

Stay tuned. Stay frosty.



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