A Grand Gesture


So, last Friday, Joe and I got the key for our new office.  It is a small room, in a little building.  It has white walls and light blue industrial style carpet.

And for us, it is  our future.

When we first talked about how we wanted to approach taking our writing to the next level, Joe brought up the idea of utilizing my free summer (one of the benefits of being a teacher) to really work on a number of shorter works.  I loved this idea, but I loved the other component of it even more.  To give us a place to meet and work, he suggested we get an office.

When I told people about the idea to get an office for us to work in this summer, the general consensus seemed to be “why?”  Why spend money on something that a lot of people looked at as an unnecessary expense?  Can’t you write anywhere, like you have been?

My answer to this was No.  No I couldn’t.  Not for this.

My answer was simple, but my reasons are not quite as simple.  They really fall into two categories.  The first is actual usable space.  Three years ago, my son was born.  When we had Bryce, I gave up my home office for his bedroom.  Ironically, this was right before I had my first work published.  Every bit of work I have done since then has been done at our kitchen table, sitting in an uncomfortable wooden chair.  I write after Bryce goes to bed.  I have a laptop in front of me, and a pair of headphones on to drown out the shows my wife watches.  This is where I have worked so far.

And it has been fine.

But the idea of having a space devoted to writing, where I could have reference materials spread out over a desk, or written on a board on the wall is exciting.  And I’ll be honest.  The first thing I am getting for that office is a comfortable chair.

But that is only the first reason for our office, and actually the least important reason.

The real reason for the office is that sometimes grand things need a grand gesture.

Strangely enough, while i would describe myself as impulsive, I am definitely not what I would consider spontaneous.  This is especially true for big things.  Monumental things.  Life-changing things.

Things like that deserve consideration.  More than that, they deserve to be observed.  To be honored in a way.  To give something this type of attention, to give it an air of ceremony even, gives something significance.  And thus, it is easier to treat with significance.

A grand gesture to recognize the importance of an event.

And something that I learned from my background in theater is the idea of sacred space.  That a place of significance can create things of significance.

This summer, we will be putting in forty hour weeks, totally devoted to our careers as writers.  This summer starts what Joe and I are both considering the next phase of our lives.  It is the first step of our future.  As such, it deserved a grand gesture, and a sacred space.

Did we really need to spend money on an unnecessary expense?  No.

Did we need to observe the start of a new phase of our lives, and the first steps taken on a path that will see a lifelong dream become a reality?

Damn right we did.

This is the home of Gelineau and King.  And as of now, we are open for business.


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