Yay Novellas! or Why Writing These Shorter Works is Pretty Great

This summer, Joe and I have embraced the concept of the novella pretty fiercely.  For me, as I have been working on these novellas, two things have come into pretty clear focus in regards to why I am enjoying writing them so much.  It basically comes down to this. I have always been an avid […]

Fascinated Fridays: A Fluffy Corgi Named Zuzu Meets the Public

It’s been a long week of hard work here at Gelineau and King, getting our first novella out to our beta readers and working hard writing our second.  So for this week’s Fascinated Friday, I figured I would keep it focused on something small and close to home.  Namely, my dog Zuzu. They say that […]

Oh God Not In The Face: Beta Readers

Beta Readers are the people that we hand out an unfinished draft of our manuscript to with the expressed desire for them to read it, then beat the hell out of us. We ask them to be brutally honest. Actually, we just ask them to be honest, but somehow, the brutal part always manages to […]

Lessons Learned, or What I am Discovering About Being an Author

We’re starting our third week fully rocking and rolling here at Gelineau and King, and we have been making some pretty awesome progress, I think.  Our first novella is out in the hands of our beta readers right now, and the second novella is about 1/3 of the way through its first draft.  Joe also […]

Fascinated Fridays: The Horrible Beauty of Hannibal Season 1

(Warning:  Some disturbing content.) One of the unexpected but wonderful side effects of this summer schedule is that with no work from my normal job, and large amounts of “author” work done during the day, I actually have some time at night to enjoy family and free time.  So, for this Fascinated Friday, I thought […]