The Danger of Dreaming is that it Might Come True

So, today is kind of a big deal for us.

Today, we are starting our full time writing job.  Joe and I are meeting at the office at 9am, and from that point on, we are working.  How the day itself will be broken down is relatively simple.  This morning, I will be forging ahead with the writing of the first in our fantasy novella series.  We have been refining and reshaping the story, and the world on this one for a while, but things are coming together.  Now, with the days free to write, I am excited to get it fully done, and polished up.  While I am working on that, Joe is already breaking the story and structure for the second and third stories.  The idea is that as soon as I am finished with one, I can start on the next one.

I’m a little nervous.

Not scared, mind you.  My ego will not allow to me to call what I am feeling that, especially in a public venue.  And truth be told, it is not accurate.  This feeling doesn’t come from a place of fear, as much as it comes from a sharp sense of anticipation.

The best way I can describe it is like going on a roller coaster.

You’ve waited so long to be here.  You’ve made it in the park, through the line.  Now, you’re at the front of the line, and ready to board.  You’re excited.  You’re also trying not to think about that time you threw up corn dogs on the person riding beside you on another roller coaster (I was young.  Don’t judge).  Or that news story you heard about where the track broke and people were stuck upside down on the loop for twelve hours.

No, when the gate opens, you pull up your big kid pants, step forward and take that seat at the front.


Because this is what you have wanted for so long, you are not about to let a little bout of nerves scare you away.

So this morning, Joe and I are boarding the roller coaster.  We are strapping in, and getting ready for the ride of our life.  And I for one, intend to keep my hands up in the air for the entire duration of the ride.  I intend to have fun.

And as a courtesy to my partner, I laid off the corn dogs for this ride.

Time to enjoy the ride.



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