Best Job I Ever Had

Mark said it beautifully in his last post, but our summer is underway!

Since he has covered the symbolism of the grand gesture we are embarking upon and our personal feelings towards it all, I feel like it’s time to break down exactly what we’re trying to accomplish this summer. You know, the goals and milestones and details of the projects we’re working on, and how we hope to get it done. Or, as my wife likes to call it, “taking the romance out of everything.”

The majority of the summer is going to be spent on our fantasy novellas, or more specifically, we are going to compete the first book of five different fantasy serials.

The concept follows a group of orphans who grew up together as children. As adults they are now across different parts of our original fantasy world, each following their own destinies. Each book serves as a window into a unique part of the world, but more than that, each serial is a different kind of story, with a different style of storytelling.

Here’s a quick blurb on a couple that we’re working on now:


Elinor is our Paragon. She believes and finds strength in the stories and legends of the old ways. An old soul in a new world, she must fight every day for what she believes or she will become as lost as the old world she loves and protects.

This is our classic cavalier and quest story. Through her, we see the kingdom today, yet often colored through the lens of the world that once was.


Ferran is our Hunter. Haunted by visions of the world beyond, his childhood was a nightmare of terror and powerlessness. Under the training of an ancient order, he has learned to master his talents, turning his fear into power and becoming a hunter of the very monsters that he once feared.

This is our take on a fantasy monster story. Told like an action mystery/suspense novel, we follow Ferran and his mystic partner Mireia across the kingdom where they uncover the old evils that have remained hidden for centuries.


We have spent the last 6 weeks or so working on our own fantasy world. We built up the basic societal structures, history, ancient history, legends, myths, magic, and everything in-between. Then we started to do the part I really love, we started figuring out the people that live in it and the stories they had to tell.

And now that summer’s here, we’re finally ready to tell those stories.

Here’s the part where I take the romance out of it. This is the schedule of milestones I put up on our wall Monday morning.

Basically, we are going to finish up a novella every 10 days or so.

I’m sure you’re looking at it and thinking “No Fucking Way! That’s impossible,” and you, my friend, would not be wrong.

But you know what, we’re doing it anyway.


Writing has never come easy for me. It’s always come with a lot of work.

It’s only come with a lot of work.

It’s a job. Only it’s a job I love.

The truth is, I do take the romance out of the writing process. I send Mark excel spreadsheets and outlines and agendas until his nose bleeds.

We write to a schedule and a deadline that we put on ourselves. Because we know we have to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

And ther’s still so much to do. Even after we finish the content runs for each story, we still have to figure out how to navigate the jungle that is self-publishing and don’t even get me started on the marketing.

But our plan is to get Elinor out around Aug31 and then publish 1 novella every month thereafter.

Yeah, Every Damn Month.

That’s even after summer ends. With our day jobs and everything else on top of that.

How are we gonna pull that off?

Don’t worry, there’s a spreadsheet for that too.

But hey, it’s summer. One back breaking task at a time, shall we?

Be back next week. Til then.

Stay tuned. Stay Frosty.



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