Fascinated Fridays: My Weapon of Choice: Evernote

For today’s Fascinated Fridays, I wanted to talk a little about something that has become absolutely indispensable to me in my writing.  My shift to serious writing work really coincided with discovery of the note taking platform Evernote.   For me, Evernote became my one stop for everything I needed for my writing.  So I thought I would take you through a bit of it.


Evernote has been amazing for research for a number of reasons.  First, with the structure of the program, individual notes go into notebooks, and each note is not only searchable, but can also be tagged.  This makes finding things incredibly easy.  One of the simplest things that ended up mattering the most to me though is that I can copy and paste images I find into my notes.  This makes gathering research images quick and painless, and especially for those times when I am researching while writing, this saves a ton of time.


This is actually the biggest one for me, and what I think sets Evernote apart from programs like Scrivener (though if you are a Scrivener fan, hit me up.  I would be interested in hearing you sing its praises).  Evernote is cloud based, and so I can access all of my notebooks on my laptop, my tablet, and even my phone at any time.  A couple of weeks back, I talked in a blog post about making the conscious decision to not lose ideas when they came to me.  A huge part of this is that I can grab whatever is accessible and add it to my Evernote notebook for “Random Ideas.”  And yes, because of the photo feature, this can include notes jotted down on actual scraps of paper.  Having access to all of my work on any device is pretty amazing, and has helped me already more times than I can count.

Another added benefit is that I can not only add images to the note, but I can also annotate them.  This is great when you are collaborating with someone, the way that Joe and I are working on this stuff. Here’s an example:

Writing and organization:

There may be more robust word processors and writing programs out there, but the ease of access to my notes and information, whether within the program itself while I am writing or on my devices when I need to get to them has made me a pretty huge fan.  Truth be told, all of my writing, from the very first Hanged Man story to the novellas we are writing right now have been created in Evernote first.  Even the posts on this blog were created in Evernote.

To give you a glimpse of what Evernote looks like, and peak inside my head, here is a shot of my Evernote app as I wrote this note.  Take a look.

One of the things that I learned from Wonderbook  that still rings true is that it is important to streamline your writing situation in the ways that will best suit you.  This makes the process itself less burdensome, and allows you to get to the actual stuff that really matters.  For me, my Evernote really fits the way I work.

Until next time, keep finding things you love.  I know I will.



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