Fascinated Fridays: A Fluffy Corgi Named Zuzu Meets the Public

It’s been a long week of hard work here at Gelineau and King, getting our first novella out to our beta readers and working hard writing our second.  So for this week’s Fascinated Friday, I figured I would keep it focused on something small and close to home.  Namely, my dog Zuzu.

They say that the internet’s true purpose is to share cute animal pictures, and while I like cats as much as the next guy (more actually, as I always had cats growing up), I figured I would harness the true power of the globe spanning intraweb and show off how cute my doggie is.

What’s that you say?  Am I seriously following up last week’s Fascinated Fridays post about Hannibal with a post talking about y dog?

Yup.  Don’t judge.

Zuzu is our second corgi.  Our first girl, Willow, was a corgi mix and passed away in December of 2012.  Willow was like our first child, and we still miss her sweet face.

Zuzu was born on Christmas of that same year, and we named her for “Zuzu’s petals,” from the classic Christmas movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

My wife and I are pretty devoted to rescue dogs, and Willow was a rescue.  But because our son was so young at the time, a number of people who fostered rescue dogs suggested that with a baby, we get a puppy.  This is how Zuzu entered our lives.

I always like to compare dogs and their personalities to famous actors and actresses.  Willow, I always felt, was like Emma Thompson.  Dignified, gentle, exuding warmth and kindness.  Those that knew Willow have always said that this felt pretty right on.

Zuzu is more like Helena Bonham Carter.  And I ain’t talking “Remains of the Day” Helena Bonham Carter.  More like “Fight Club” Helena Bonham Carter.  Maybe “Sweeney Todd” Helena Bonham Carter.

She is spicier, to say the least.  But she is also an amazing dog.  Loving and fun.  Frighteningly smart, and she adores our son Bryce.

The real inspiration for this post is that my wife and I will be taking our son and Zuzu to Nor Cal Corgi Con (which apparently is a real thing.  Huh.  Who knew) this Saturday.  This event is held on Ocean Beach in San Francisco, and evidently will feature thousands of corgis running and frolicking on the beach.

I’m gonna let that image sink in for a moment.

Thousands.  Of.  Corgis.

I am kind of giddily excited about this.  The sight of corgis walking always makes me chuckle, so I expect to be giggling like a madman most of the day.

We will try and take pictures to capture the majesty of this many corgis in one place.  I will try and report back next Friday and tell you all how it went.  Now that you’ve seen pictures of me and Zuzu both, if you happen to be at the event, come up and say hello.

Until after Corgi Con, keep finding things you love.  I know I will.


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