Fascinated Friday: The Joy in Being Fooled

I’ll be honest.  I like magic. Love it, actually. Not just the big, Vegas style, make a car disappear with nothing but a handkerchief and a scared looking rabbit, although that can be fun too.  I mean the sharp, mechanical stuff.  The coin tricks, the card manipulations, the vanishes and drops, hides that form the […]

Fear Not the Suckage

So I have been working on our blurbs for the past couple weeks. Blurbs are the little things you read on the back cover of a book, or on Amazon, or on a web page, or on a blog, or on twitter, or on, as it turns out, every damn other place, to see if […]

Judging a Cover by its…Wait a Minute

So, this summer has been an amazing process of discovery and really hard work.  Mostly hard work.  But that is what has made it so wonderful.  We now have three novellas complete, and in various stages of editing and polish, and are starting on the fourth tomorrow.  But with the writing part nearing completion on […]

Fascinated Fridays: Some Summer Reading Suggestions

Now that we are firmly in the heart of summer, many people are heading off to vacation.  Not me, mind you.  I am hard at work constructing fantasy novellas and scintillating blog posts like this one.  But for all those heading off to far-away lands, and looking for something to read, I thought for this […]

Story vs Concept – Who Will Win?

So among the many things we must do to successfully self-publish our works, is Marketing. Yeah, marketing with a capital M, because it’s serious and it means business. Like, literally. As you know, we are planning to release a series of fantasy novellas, hopefully starting this September. As a part of that, we will have […]