A peek behind the curtain of Gelineau & King

It’s both incredibly amazing and sad to think we are already at the halfway point of summer. We are very proud of what we have accomplished in such a short period of time. And yet we have no real opportunity to celebrate or take any kind of real break from it. Mark’s sacrificing a holiday trip this weekend to bang out what he needs to do, and I haven’t seen my kids in almost a month.

Don’t worry, my wife sends me photos daily.

(Btw, of course I jest, no actual kids were abandoned or neglected in the making of these novellas)

But with what has felt like a meaningful sacrifice from both of us, I wanted to pull back the curtain a little bit on what we’ve been working on and let you inside to see what’s got us so crazy and excited this past month.


Aedaron is our own fantasy world. It’s our look at a warrior culture after all the great wars have ended. The world has been unified under one crown, and it is now an era of great peace and prosperity. It is a changed world. A new world. A world with many different stories to tell as old traditions clash with new advances, old evils stir in the shadows, and people adapt to find new meaning and glory and honor.

Or as we like to call it. It’s the good shit.

Our stories follow a group of five orphans who grew up together as children. Each novella is a different type of story, which lets us really explore individual and unique parts of the world as well as use different types of storytelling.

For our summer project, our goal was to finish the first books of each of the four novella series we are starting. Each of the novellas will feature one (or two) of the orphans.

Now four weeks into summer this is where we are:


Elinor is an officer in the King’s Army. She has grown up on stories of the old legends and heroes of Aedaron, and her love of the old ways and ideals often puts her in conflict with the new world. Her stories follow her trials and exploits as she must constantly fight for what she believes. FYI, we think she’s pretty awesome.

We finished the pre-beta draft in mid-June, then it was off to our beta readers. We are now collecting the final few responses, and we have already completed a new edit pass based on some great early feedback. We will do one more round of revisions before sending it off to a copy editor for finishing touches.

At that point the writing part of Elinor will be mostly done and then we get to bang out the final details of the publishing – book cover illustration, book cover design, print book cover design, inside book formatting, as well as figuring out the details of using kdp and createspace.

And oh yeah, there’s the whole marketing* side of things. Note to readers, I put a * at the end of things as signifier that I understand that the word implies a deep deep rabbit hole of time and knowledge that aren’t adequately expressed by just using the word itself. Like, you know, I always tell my wife I love* her.

But then, my dear dear friends. After all that, we will finally be done!

Tentative publish date is September 15. (title: A Reaper of Stone)


Ferran is our monster hunting acolyte of the Order of Talan. He hunts the dark evils that have remained hidden in the shadows of the kingdom since before the time of the great First King himself. To defeat them, he must match both their cunning and strength.

Ferran novellas are classic horror investigation stories that are a healthy portion of oh my god what is that, paired with some fast paced desperate action, and of course topped with our favorite, I can’t believe that just happened sauce. A dish sure to delight anyone who.. uhm.. likes that kind of thing.

We are very excited to say we just finished up the first draft and are almost through the first full revision, which means it should be beta ready by the end of the week! If you are interested in being a beta for us, you should let us know!

Then once the beta responses are back, it’ll be at the stage where Elinor is at now. Which means more fun with copy editing and the publishing process.

Tentative publish date is October 15. (title: Rend the Dark)


For Roan and Kay we really decided to mix it up a bit. Whereas Elinor and Ferran stories are starting them in their twenties, we really felt the story for Roan and Kay felt more compelling starting them younger. They’re going to be in their early teens at start and we’ll grow along with them from there.

No standing armies are allowed for the ascended, the stewards and landholders of the kingdom. Instead they are allotted a small stable of razors. Razors are the sanctioned warriors of our world. And each of them must be trained at and graduate from one of the few ancient and historic razor schools of the capitol. And oh yeah, they tap into a spirit energy that lets them bend and break the physics of their world.

Roan and Kay begin their story attempting to earn admission to one of these razor schools, and we follow them through their journey. Since the events of the other orphan stories are in the future, we will see the younger versions of other orphans appearing here as well.

The story/plot for Roan and Kay has been generally agreed upon, and Mark is due to write the first part of Act 1 tomorrow! So far, using Elinor and Ferran as a sample, we should have the first draft complete by mid-July (basically the stage where Ferran is now). Then it’s the same process as Ferran and Elinor above – betas, revisions, copy editing, publishing.

Tentative publish date is November 15. (title: tba)


I’m going to leave the details for Alys a little more vague for now because I don’t want to spoil too much of her story.

And not at all because we haven’t figured out much of her story yet… yeah, I’m going to go with that one.

Alys lives and breathes in the underworld, the world of the gangs and crews that run the streets and slums of the capitol. She values her independence above all else, and uhm, did I mention she’s an orphan?

So anyway, as Mark is laying down some mad prose for Roan and Kay, I’ll be breaking all the parts we need to tell Alys’s story. I’ve probably got two weeks or less before Mark will finish Roan and Kay and come looking for Alys. And as you can see with what little we’ve got so far, I had best get my ass in gear.

Tentative publish date is December 15. (title: lol)


As you can see, we have tons to do.

There’s a lot of moving parts to creating the world and the story and the characters, let alone trying to do it for four different novellas at once.

And yet, we are.

It is definitely sad to think of summer being half over already and losing the clarity of purpose and focus that the office has given us. But then again, there’s a certain joy to knowing at the end of summer we will see our hard work published and shared with the world.

Actually, you know what, I’m already over it. Let’s get this shit finished and get to September already!

A Reaper of Stone, September 2015

Save the date!


Stay tuned. Stay frosty.



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