Fascinated Fridays: Some Summer Reading Suggestions

Now that we are firmly in the heart of summer, many people are heading off to vacation.  Not me, mind you.  I am hard at work constructing fantasy novellas and scintillating blog posts like this one.  But for all those heading off to far-away lands, and looking for something to read, I thought for this Fascinated Friday, I would offer up some interesting selections in the fields of horror, sci fi/fantasy, and even a non-fiction book.


Dead Sea is horror novel that follows the crew of the cargo ship Mara Corday, as they fall victim to a strange mist and end up…somewhere else.  It is an amazing example of weird adventure, and contains some of the most genuinely frightening sequences I have read in a book.  Curran is a name that needs to be better recognized amongst horror readers, and I personally feel that he gets so much of the Cthulhu mythos type of horror (which I personally adore) right.  Check out Dead Sea if you are in the mood for something to chill you during the hot weather.  I may actually not recommend it if you are traveling by boat.  Or maybe I do.  Depends on your level of masochism.

The Colony by F.G. Cottam is an amazingly atmospheric horror novel.  One of the historical events that has always fascinated me is the disappearance of the Roanoke colony, and while not about that particular event, this book really captures the mystery and the horror of such a situation.  Great page turner.  Man, just writing this paragraph makes me want to go back and re-read this.  And even better, it is available for free if you happen to have Kindle Unlimited.  Awesome book.

Sci Fi/Fantasy

Retribution Falls is at first glance, a steampunk version of Joss Whedon’s Firefly.  Now, the single most important thing for you to understand about that is that the above statement is what makes it awesome.  However, Wooding is not content to sit back and just coast on that brilliant concept.  Instead, he takes the crew of the Ketty Jay and makes them intriguing, unique characters that you immediately begin to fall in love with. For just pure pulpy fun, I don’t know if I have found something better than this.

The Warded Man  by Peter V. Brett presents a fantasy world that feels new and different.  Demons own the night, and humanity is forced to huddle behind mystic wards to save themselves.  Brett does a great job of ratcheting up the stakes and the feeling of fear and oppression.  Start of a series, so if you are looking for a bunch of stuff to keep you busy and happy this summer, you could do a lot worse than this great series.

Stone and Hard Place: Alastair Stone Chronicles, Book 1  by R.V. King is a great summer time read.  Stone is a scholar and mage, dealing with a struggling young apprentice and the plans of nefarious evil mages.  Fun urban fantasy.  This totally fits into a category I call “airplane books.”  Basically, I am not a big fan of flying, so when I am on a plane, I want to get to my seat, put on my headphones, pull out a book that will keep me totally absorbed until the landing gear touches the ground once more.  This totally fits.  Fast paced, witty, and fun.  Definitely a great book to take with you on vacation.


Here Comes Everybody: The Story of the Pogues.  I’ll put it simply. The Pogues may be the greatest band of all time. You may disagree, but you are likely wrong.  This account was penned by none other than band member James Fearnley, and it doesn’t pull any punches.  But I came away loving the boys even more after reading this.  An amazing look at an amazing band, and an utterly compelling read even if you have no idea who the Pogues are (which makes you a terrible person.)

So there you have it.  A little something for everybody, as long everybody likes creepy horror, genre, and Irish punk music.  Check them out, and if you have recommendations on what I should be reading, pass them on.  I would love to know what’s out there.  Until then, keep finding things you love, and then recommending them to people.  I know I will.



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