The Finish Line

It’s hard to believe two months have gone by already, and we’ve got only one week left in our tiny office nirvana. Just one week left until the magic little space we carved out of our lives and worlds comes to an end, and we are thrust back into reality kicking and screaming. We would weep. We would cry. But to be honest, we just don’t have the time to spare.

Things have been getting progressively nuttier here at Gelineau and King as the summer has worn on, and I’d say things are bat shit crazy, except we passed bat shit crazy about two weeks ago.

We have been hard at work leveling up every aspect of our crazy endeavor, and it is with extreme pride and excitement that we get to finally start sharing everything with you.



Yes, this one! Woo hooooooooooooo!

One of our closest friends and staunchest supporters, Jason is spearheading the new website. It is beautiful. It is way more functional. And somehow, I feel as though Jason has managed to create a window into our very imaginations and share what excites us most about what we’re doing. It’s a dream. It’s a journey. And it’s just so fucking cool!

We’ve got new bios. We’ve got new blurbs for the series, the world, and for each book. We’ve got titles revealed. And we’ve even got one of the official covers up!

Jason has been blowing our minds the past couple weeks getting this together. We are extremely lucky and grateful to have his constant support and inspiration. I have known him since we were five years old, and, like Mark, he knows what’s in my head before I even say anything. He’s one of us. Has always been one of us. And it is with incredible pride that we finally get to share him with the rest of you.

Thank you, Jay. You killed this, man.

Fucking murdered it.



One of the greatest joys of embarking upon our self-publishing quest has been finding all the ridiculously talented people who are working with us to bring our dream to life. I know I promised earlier this month that I’d be sure to give a proper shout out and introduction to all our team members, and I still stand by that. Each and every person who has become part of our growing family will get a proper thank you and some much deserved attention, but until then, I just wanted to give a brief mention of who we’ve got back here in the kitchen with us.



Young Kim – currently working on banner art, sketches, concept art (check out his WIP on A Reaper of Stone’s page)



Alexandre – working on Ferran’s Cover (check out his amazing Rend the Dark cover!)

Damonza / Marija – working on Elinor’s Cover (coming soon: A Reaper of Stone cover)



Vikki (developmental editor) – currently working on A Reaper of Stone

TJ Redig (copy editor) – currently working on Rend the Dark



Charmaine – logo + style guide – our original logo

Jason – new web page – facebook



Dave G, Dave C, Jason, Emily, Maria, Samantha, Maggie, Helen, Robyn


Whoever said that too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth has never cooked with these motherfuckers before.

Seriously. You guys rock. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

And seriously. Thank you.



A couple months ago, we had nothing written. A couple months before that, there was no Gelineau and King. Well, obviously we were alive, but this idea, this enterprise born from the depths of our desires and imaginations was still nothing. Not even a hope.

And now we’re six weeks out from our first book launch. Six weeks from making Gelineau and King real. Six weeks from proving we were right that it wasn’t too late to make good on a promise we made each other twenty-five years ago.

The finish line is in sight. And we’re not running the last mile. We’re sprinting.


See you next week. Til then.

Stay tuned. Stay frosty.



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