Fascinated Friday: Confessions of a Doctor Who Virgin

So this Fascinated Friday starts with a confession.  It is something I don’t usually talk about, especially among my fellow geeks, but in all the weeks we have done this blog, Joe and I have always worked towards presenting ourselves honestly, so here it goes.

I’m not into Doctor Who.

Now, here’s the interesting thing about this statement.  Half the people who read this blog are now going “Huh?  The weird British show?  That’s still on?”  The other half are already compiling lists to help explain to me that the reason is that I just haven’t been exposed to the right Doctor, or I need to see an episode with the perfect companion.  And there’s me, right in the middle.

You see, I have nothing against Doctor Who, or Who fandom (Whovians?  Whonese?  the Whos down in Whoville?).  Some of my best friends are Who-manians.  And I cannot say I do not like the show, because I have never really watched it.  And that’s why I’m writing this.  Because honestly, that feels kind of…weird.

You see, as a guy with a lot of pretty geeky interests, I feel like this is something I should be watching.  It is almost universally loved by many of the same people who love so much of the same things I do.  My friends who I talk to about tabltetop games, or the majesty that is Joss Whedon’s Firefly, comic books, or good fantasy novellas (like the ones we are getting ready to release), all love this show.

And yet, somehow, I missed it.

I feel like for the last few years especially, I have been rather Who-adjacent.  I have learned a lot, picked up the lingo.  In all honesty, I can probably fake an amount of Doctor Who knowledge as well now or even better than I can fake sports knowledge when talking to wife’s family (that was a hell of a play!  Not sure if their defense can stand tough though. etc).  But the truth is, especially lately, I kinda feel like I am missing out.

So that’s where this post comes in.  In a way, this is sort of a Hope-to-be Fascinated Friday. I am actually pretty fascinated with this idea that there is a show that people are so passionate about, that seems to hit so many of my interest check boxes, and yet, I am not watching it.  So I am going to take the plunge.  I am going to watch some Doctor Who, and then, much like I did with the ASMR post, I will come back here and talk about the results.

But before I do so, here is where you come in, dear readers.  You see, if you were in the half that is like “does that show still have the guy with the perm and the rainbow scarf from the 70’s?” then I am hoping you can come along with me as we enjoy this exploration of a pop-culture phenomenon together.  It should be an interesting ride.

If however, you can identify the Doctor and companion based on the opening bars of the theme song only, then I need your help.  Guide me, oh Whovians.  Recommend where I should start.  I have netflix, amazon prime, and I think a few seasons are streaming on Disney X D.  Tell me where to start, and where I can find that episode.  I figure if I am being drawn to check the show out based on the strength of the fan base, then I should ask the fanbase for help.

So show some love and help a Doctor Who virgin.  Share your passion and help me drink the Kool Aid.

Until next week, when I report back, keep finding things you love and sharing them with people.

People like me.


1 Comment

  1. forgottenrat says:

    Oh, you are in for such an adventure! I’m almost jealous. 🙂

    I was where you were a couple of years ago. I wanted to get into Doctor Who, but there were so many Doctors, and so many episodes, and I had no idea where to get in. Then I happened, almost by accident, to watch an episode on New Year’s Eve, during a marathon. I was a bit lost, but instantly hooked!

    My suggestion, based on what worked for me, is to start with the David Tennant episodes. They’re all on Netflix (actually, all of NuWho is now, with the exception of a couple of the Christmas specials). Start with “The Christmas Invasion and work your way all the way through Ten.

    Now, I hear somebody saying, “Why not start watching with Nine? Don’t you like Christopher Eccleston?” Of course I do. He made a great Doctor, and a lot of his episodes were really good. But in my, and a lot of Whovians’, opinion, Ten is a better starting point for the fledgling Whovian. If you don’t agree, feel free to watch the Nine season (there’s only one) first. You won’t lose anything at all.

    But if you do watch Ten first, then go back and watch Nine once you’re finished. Then, if you’re still enjoying the show, start back with Eleven (“The Eleventh Hour”) and work your way through all of Matt Smith’s episodes. Watch “Day of the Doctor” (the fiftieth anniversary special, which is awesome). Then, finally, watch Series Eight, with Peter Capaldi.

    Then, and only then, if you’re still digging the show, go back and watch Classic Who. I won’t pretend to advise you on how to do that (there were a lot of good episodes, and a lot of (IMO) not so good ones, especially by modern-day sensibilities). Me personally, I skipped One and Two and went straight to Three, who’s my favorite. I’m working my way through Four now, then plan to do Five, Six, and Seven, then go back and do One and Two. I just find the early episodes to be a bit slow, especially the first few. You might not.

    “Hey,” I hear you ask, “You didn’t mention the Eighth Doctor! Where’s he?” As far as TV goes, he exists only in one TV movie which was American made and isn’t very good, but it’s still worth watching for a couple of reasons: Paul McGann is great as the Doctor; you get to see Seven’s regeneration (bad as it was), and it lays the groundwork for a nice little short called “The Night of the Doctor,” which you can watch on YouTube and feeds into the Fiftieth Anniversary show.

    I probably gave you way more than you wanted, but yeah, I’ve become a pretty hardcore Whovian in a pretty short time. So hopefully my suggestions will prove helpful!




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