Fascinated Friday: John Wick, Sean Patrick Fannon, and Pacificon Game Expo this weekend

Today’s Fascinated Friday is a little different, because it is a sort of pre-post about something coming this weekend.  This Sunday, Joe and i will be attending Pacificon Game Expo right here in our own backyard, in Santa Clara, CA.

And we are excited.

Like, really excited.  For a number of reasons.  First, this is the first convention that Joe and I have been able to attend (together or separately) since San Diego Comic Con 2006.  That was a long time ago.   Of course, that time we got to meet Joss Whedon, after cornering the poor man in a line for gyros, so that was a pretty special occasion.

me and joss whedon

That poor man looks terrified.

You can perhaps understand our excitement at the chance to surround ourselves with our fellow geek brothers and sisters.  I don’t know exactly what the day will hold for us, but that is all the better. I hope to see some cool cosplay, play some demo games, and above all talk to some amazing creators.

And those creators are reason number two why we are excited for this.  On Sunday, we get a chance to meet a few creators who we have admired, and that is a fanboy thrill that is hard to beat.


First, there is John Wick .  John has an incredible resume, working on some amazing games.  I first learned about John Wick from his work on Legend of the Five Rings for AEG.  His vision of a fantasy version of feudal Japan was amazing, and his writing particularly in Way of the Scorpion still resonates with me and inspires me.  I may or may not have my copy in my bag Sunday, on the off-chance that I can corner the poor man and get him to autograph it.  Wick also did most of the writing and design for 7th Sea from AEG as well, a fantasy version of swashbuckling pirate adventure, and this remains one of my “bucket list” games.

Above all, Wick is an amazing writer and an insanely innovative designer.  If you want proof of this, look no further than his “Big Book of Little Games”  which includes among other things, an role-playing game where players take on the role of a house cat, and a soap-opera rpg.”  I don’t really know what Wick is doing at the con, but whatever it is, I will be stoked to check it out.


Second, there is Sean Patrick Fannon.  I first came to know about Sean from listening to the Gamer’s Tavern podcast, where he is a frequent guest.  Sean is the head of Evil Beagle Games  and is the creator of Shaintar,  an epic high fantasy setting for Savage Worlds from Pinnacle Entertainment Group .  Shaintar is an awesome setting, and Sean himself describes it as “Lord of the Rings meets Die Hard,” which is not only accurate but so cool.

Sean also happens to be one of the most outgoing and out there creators I have ever encountered, and has the rare gift of making you feel like you’re old friends even after one email exchange.  Sean currently has been tapped as lead designer and brand manager for Savage Rifts, an update of the classic Rifts setting from Palladium Books now for the Savage World system.  This is a huge project and I can’t wait to hear him talk about what the road has been like getting this thing up and going.

Just two days ago, Joe and I were invited by the man himself to a special, invitation-only session of Savage Rifts.  This is an incredible opportunity to play a game with not only one of the great GM’s around, but also the designer, and we are honored at the invitation.   Are we excited?  You know it! Cannot wait!  Next week, I will bring you exciting tales from our time at Sean’s table.

So yeah, Joe and I are excited.  I will be sure to report back to you all next week on the wacky hijinks that ensue as we descend upon the unsuspecting Santa Clara Marriott this weekend.  If you are going to be there on Sunday, look out for us there.

Until next time, keep discovering new things and the amazing people who create them, and then go to a convention where you can fanboy all over them.

I know I will.



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