We Are Just Getting Started

It has been an extraordinary week.

We published our first novella.

More than a month ago, I brazenly said we were sprinting toward the finish line, in this young and spirited blog post. But with all first and great endeavors, that sprint turned into more of a walk then a crawl.

A desperate belly crawl towards the publishing finish line.

But just when we thought we wouldn’t make it, you were there for us. Yes, you!

The support has been unimaginable. We have been touched and honored by all the support, and we had to stop and say thank you. In fact, a million times thank you.

You are our Ambassadors of Quan.


When Mark and I started this project, we knew three things.

  1. We wanted to create short, fast-paced stories in a connected fantasy world.
  2. We wanted all aspects of the final product to be the highest quality possible.
  3. We had no idea how to do #1 and #2. We were going to need a ton of help. Like, A TON.

It has been one of the greatest joys of my life to find and work with the team that brought A Reaper of Stone to life. I wanted to thank them here, but also to give you a way to reach them.

Because these are the people you want beside you.

They will make you better. They will bring your dream to life.


The amazing cover is by designer Marija Vilotijevic. You can commission her through Damonza. She has an incredible gift, and we are very lucky to have her working on future covers. Yes, as in working on them as we speak!


Young Kim did sketches and art, including the main page banner, bringing our vision to beautiful life.


Vikki Ciaffone was our developmental/story editor, who helped us on our quest to find our story in the rough mosaic of words we had originally thrown together.

TJ Redig is our copy editor, our last line of defense. Our anchor. Our, oh, you get it. He’s really damn important!


And a special thank you to one of my oldest friends, Jason, who built the website, created all the beautiful marketing materials, provided relentless feedback on the design and formatting of the book, served as alpha, beta, and omega reader on this and many future projects, and whose advice and opinion I cherish.


We keep writing.

We keep releasing books.

From here on out, we are going to deliver one new story every month.

The next one, Rend the Dark, is coming October 15.

And Best Left in the Shadows follows the month after that.

And so on.


We have been touched and humbled by the support we have gotten. From family. From friends. From new readers. We promise to live up to that support, to that belief, in us.

It has been an extraordinary week.

We published our first novella.

But hang on for the ride. We are just getting started.

Much love,

Joe & Mark


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