First look: Rend the Dark

October is here!

And with the new month, we are excited for the release of our second story, Rend the Dark on October 15th.

Whereas A Reaper of Stone was a classic fantasy story of honor, justice, and sacrifice, Rend the Dark is a good old-fashioned action horror adventure.

As a young boy, Ferran saw frightening visions of dark creatures in the shadows. Over the years, he learned those demons had a name. Ruins. Ancient evils that had survived in hiding since the time of legend. Now a trained acolyte of the Order of Talan, Ferran hunts the monsters that he once feared.

It’s a fast, fun, dark, creepy ride through the old marches of Aedaron. Just in time for the Halloween season!

Readers of A Reaper of Stone have already gotten a sneak peak of the prologue for Rend the Dark, so we have for you not only the prologue here, but also all of Act 1 available as well!

You can get Rend the Dark on pre-sale at Amazon.

Big thanks to Alexandre for the amazing cover.

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