Best Left in the Shadows

Over the years, Mark and I have always talked about bringing different types of stories together to create something new and special and, well, just fun. This month, our newest novella, Best Left in the Shadows is one such mad hybrid.

Best Left in the Shadows is a fantasy crime noir story that explores the dark underworld of Resa, the capital city. Imagine a cross between Frank Miller’s Sin City and Game of Throne’s King Landing, but with a bit more fun and banter between our characters.

Alys, an orphan, was adopted by the gangs that run Lowside. Smart and fearless, Alys trades secrets among the factions of the underworld.

Daxton Ellis is a nobleman and magistrate inspector in Highside. A murder of a noble girl brings him back to Lowside. Back to the one person he swore he would never see again. (hint, it’s Alys!)

Together, the two of them go in search of a killer.



A Reaper of Stone was a classic fantasy epic with fantastic creatures, old gods, and magically empowered warriors.

Rend the Dark was a creepy, fast-paced demon hunt through the forgotten villages and ruins of Aedaron.

Best Left in the Shadows is an urban noir murder investigation into the dark heart of the underworld.

It’s another fast, fun read, filled with memorable locales and characters.

It’s the first book following Alys and Dax and their adventures through Lowside.

I think you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed writing it. Actually, maybe not. This one was a blast.


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A HUGE thank you to Jason, who did the incredible layouts for the ebook and print book, and about a million other things. You are absolutely killing it, and we are very lucky and grateful to have you. Thank you, my friend.

And thank you to Marija, our cover designer. Thank you for sharing your magic with us. And for putting up with our incessant requests. If you want her to bring your vision to beautiful and wondrous life, request her here at Damonza.


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