Fascinated Friday: 7th Sea Sails Once More

Full disclosure, I love pirates.

From the first time my folks took me on Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland to my first viewing of Captain Blood on the old TV in the spare room of my grandma’s house, I have been hooked.  Tall ships.  Swords and swinging ropes.  Eye-patches and parrots.  I love it all.

When I was younger, there was this amazing game for the Apple IIGS, my state of the art gaming computer in the late 1980’s, called Sid Meier’s Pirates.  It was recently revamped and made available for the iphone and ipad .  It still is as wonderful now as it was then, allowing you to be a pirate captain, sailing the Spanish Main.  It scratched a serious itch.

But of all the pirate things I have encountered, my favorite has to be John Wick’s 7th Sea.

7th Sea is a roleplaying game set in the mystical land of Theah.  According to the intro page in the original Players Guide, it focuses on Swashbuckling and Sorcery, Piracy and Adventure, Diplomacy and Intrigue, Archeology and Exploration.

In short, everything that makes an adventure story great.

It was like someone had lifted a checklist of awesome right out of my frontal lobe and put it in a game.

7th Sea focused on a world just left of our own, during the age of piracy.  The nations of Theah were clearly derived from the countries of our world, but through the lens of popular culture, myth, and folklore as much as history.  Avalon, was almost but not quite England, a country where the mystical faerie held sway as much as the young queen on the throne.  Vodacce was the darkest and most sensual aspects of Italy, brought to thrilling life.

I think more than anything, this is what caused me to fall in love with 7th Sea.  It was not just a game about swashbucklers and pirates.  It was a game that wanted to capture the feel of those types of stories.  It was a game where, from the ground up, it wanted you to play with DRAMA.   Everything was exaggerated, in the best way possible for the sake of story.

Here is the best way I can describe it.  In a normal game, you stab someone with a sword.
In 7th Sea, you cut the line to the chandelier, sending it crashing down upon them while you are zipped away to safety.  And you had better have a saucy quip to toss out as you go.

I could go on and on about the sheer magic of the world building that went on in this game, but it would be so much better for you to discover it for yourself.

Because, you see, now you can.

7th Sea was gone for a while, but now it is back in the hands of creator John Wick.  There is so much I love about this news.  I adore that a creator has regained control of a world that he loves, and that he has a powerful desire to tell more stories in.  I love that a whole new generation of players will get a chance to sail these seas.  But more than anything, I love that I will get to check out some new material for a game and a world that I have always adored.

The Kickstarter for the 2nd Edition of 7th Sea goes live on Feb 9.  This is a creator getting back one of his most beloved creations, and he is ready to blow the doors off of things.  Want to see what I’m talking about.  Take a look at the cover for the new edition.


7th sea new cover


Yeah, I know.  Gorgeous.  And this is what I love about Wick.  Check out his explanation for the cover:
This was the art description I sent to our art director, Marissa Kelly:

So, we have the swashbuckler from the first cover and he’s surrounded by angry men with swords. And suddenly, a woman swings down into the picture. The looks on their faces “sounds” like this:

Woman: Hi! I’m Second Edition 7th Sea. I’m here to help.
Man: Well, it took you long enough.

So, if you ever wanted to be Jack Sparrow, or Errol Flynn, this is for you.  If you binge watched all of Black Sails, step right up.  If you’ve been consistently playing Sid Meier’s Pirates since 1988, have I got something to show you.

You see, Captain Wick is setting sail once again.  And I’ve signed up for a cruise.  Now, who’s coming with me?


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