Civil Blood

Civil Blood is now out!


At its heart, Civil Blood is a love story.

Yes, it takes place in the grimy, crime-filled slums of Lowside. Sure, there’s murder and mayhem, politics and betrayal, gang-wide brawls and good old fashioned action and assassination.

But it’s really about two young people who once thought love was strong enough to conquer all.

And now, years later, they know better.

Only, of course, like all people in love, they really don’t.

Alys is a street-wise and street-hardened daughter of the underworld. And Dax, the shining example of nobility and honor and justice.

They’re back in each other’s lives once again. This time, to uncover a murderer who’s killing in Alys’s name.

They should just walk away from each other. They should just return to their own worlds.

But they don’t. They can’t.

But isn’t that what makes love so grand?



If you missed novella #1 in the series. You can get it for .99 on AMAZON.



And catch some of the early reviews here:

…a lightning quick story of criminal confrontations, old feelings, and rousing fights, which never slows down and never stops surprising. – Bookwraiths (read more)

Alys still remains one of my favourite female protagonists. She is strong and capable, smart and witty. But best of all? She is a badass. – Twin Reads (read more)

Act 9 is titled Our Choices Define Us – for me, this is coming to sum up all the Echoes of the Ascended. It’s gripping stuff, and as Gelineau & King gain confidence and experience, it’s turning into a hell of a ride. – One More (read more)


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