Faith and Moonlight Part 2


The tale of Roan and Kay continues in Faith and Moonlight, Part 2.

Both of them have made it into the school of Faith.  But now that they are there, things have begun to change.

For Roan, he has found a place where he can excel.  But he now questions the parts of him that will allow him to achieve greatness.  And he is learning that the life and purpose of a Razor may not be what he envisioned.

For Kay, she has earned a spot in the school and allowed Roan to follow his destiny.  But all things have a cost, and the lengths she has gone to may have repercussions.

Part 2 of Faith and Moonlight takes you back to the Razor school of Faith and gives you a deeper understanding of a Razor’s path and a Razor’s magic.  Mixed in with the love and the angst and the madness that comes from being young enough to still try and discover who you are.

So grab your blade and pierce the veil, because the school of Faith is back in session with Faith and Moonlight, Part 2.

Available here


  1. I loves the Faith and Moonlight Part 2, stunning little novella! My review will be published later today 🙂 thanks for the stories guys



  2. I really enjoyed this novella, even more than the first one! Seriously, your books get better and better each time. I’m always eagerly anticipating the next release. Thank you so much for writing them and sharing these amazing character with us.



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