We Have Heard You

Or at least we hope it’s you and not one of those many voices in our heads.

No doubt some of you have noticed we have not released the next Elinor story this month. And for those of you who are concerned, first off, thank you and we love you!

And secondly, do not worry, it is coming!

A little over a year ago, Mark and I, despite having read no more than 3 novellas between us, decided that telling our stories as a series of novellas was a Great Idea, if not the Greatest. Idea. Ever.

We worked insanely hard to retrain our novel-trained brains to write in that shorter form. We had to change an incredible amount of our craft to make these novel-ish stories fit into 60-70 pages.

And we don’t regret a minute of it.

We have been touched by and are extremely grateful for all those who’ve reviewed our stories and shared their thoughts with us and others. Much of the response has been beyond our wildest imaginations. And as so many of you have taken our words and work seriously, so too have we taken yours.

Without a doubt, the most commonly shared thought among all the reviews and comments to us was that despite how much our work was being enjoyed, was WHERE’S THE DAMN NOVEL ALREADY?!!

And well, after a lot of thought and discussion, we think it’s finally time to make that change.

Starting now, we are shifting away from the monthly short novella, and we’re going to start working in longer form.

How exactly longer or who or what they’re going to be about is still a work in progress. We’re going to let the stories tell themselves and be however long they need to be.

As a result, of course our release schedules will be longer, but we’re still writing as fast and as hard as we can.

We are a good way through the next Elinor story, in all its new extended length glory, and that’s what’ll come out next. We’re targeting the release for Fall of 2016. We’re hard at work on other projects as well.

Thank you again to all who have supported us and helped us keep going through this amazing year. We hope you enjoy what’s to come.

After all, it was all your idea!

Mark and Joe


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