Back to ComicCon


Ten years.


Ten years since Joe and I last attended San Diego Comic Con.  Ten years and a lifetime of change for each of us.  I lost both my parents, but became a father myself.  We both started our own families and new lives. And oh yeah, we published a lot of novellas.


Ten years.  And now, we are going back to San Diego.  Back to Comic Con.  The big difference this time is that our badges say professional on them.  And you better believe that is cool.


But while the badges say professional, we are going as fans.  We’re not selling books at the con or hyping up our writing.  We are going because Comic Con is one of the most amazing experiences anyone even remotely interested in pop culture can have.

Needless to say, we are excited.  So much so that I wanted to share some of that excitement with you all.  Here then are my ten things that I am looking forward to at San Diego Comic Con.


1)  Kevin Smith!

I adore Kevin Smith.  Like in a “I might start wearing hockey jerseys and jean shorts all the time” way.  While I like him as a filmmaker and writer, he is absolute magic as an interviewer and a storyteller.  He is one of the best natural raconteurs of our time. And if you aren’t checking out his “Fatman on Batman” podcast, you are absolutely missing out.   I’ve seen him live a few times and it has never disappointed.  One of these days, I dream of being famous enough to sit down and be interviewed by Kevin.


2)  Collecting some Batman art

Now, I’m a big comic book geek, but my favorite has to be Batman.  Last time I was at ComicCon, I was able to score the pencils for a beautiful page of Detective Comics 789 from artist Mike Lilly.

lilly5I’ve been holding on to it for my son Bryce’s room.  Now that he is old enough, it is going up.  I’m on the lookout for more for him.


3)  Seeing Chris Claremont

The very first comic book I bought for myself was a Chris Claremont issue of the Uncanny X-Men.  So were most of the ones after.  For most the of the 80’s Chris Claremont was the writer I read and loved more than anyone else.  And, as Joe has mentioned to me numerous times, there is a lot of Claremont influence in my own writing now.  I take that as a huge compliment.  I’m excited to hear this comics legend, and one of my personal influences talk.


4)  Ivan Van Norman and Felicia Day

One of the first panels we are hitting for sure is the Geek and Sundry panel.  Joe and I are both huge fans of Felicia Day and her work on The Guild.  She has built something truly awesome with Geek and Sundry.  Ivan Van Norman is an incredible game designer, and has recently created the ABC’s of RPGs, which I was excited to back.  Looking forward to talking with Ivan and hearing more about his projects.


5)  The quest for the perfect POP

Funko makes a wonderful line of vinyl statues basically for every pop culture brand you could imagine.  My son loves spooky things, and for Christmas, my brother got him a Dracula, Frankenstein, and Mummy.  They are awesome, and thus began a family fascination with these little bits of greatness.  I am currently searching for a Rocketeer (love the Rocketeer!) and I have heard that there will be an Indiana Jones coming out at the Con.  The hunt is on!


6)  Showing Preacher some love.

Garth Ennis’s run on Preacher is one of my favorite things ever written.  And Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s adaptation of it for AMC is, while different, pretty damn awesome.  Would love a chance to hear those boys and the cast of the show talk about it.  It will mean braving the madness of Hall H, but I just might have to do it.


7)  J. Michael Straczynski talks about writing

Straczynski has written some amazing things.  From Babylon 5 to Rising Stars.  But my very favorite is a comic he did called Midnight Nation.  Just brilliant and beautiful.  He is going to be talking about writing at the Con, and that is an experience I don’t intend to miss out on.


8)  Arvin Bautista and his magical music videos

I did a Fascinated Friday post on Arvin’s amazing New Mutants comic themed music videos.  It seems he’s going to be at the Con, and we’re going to try and meet up.  I can’t wait to hear what new things he might be working on.


9)  Catching up with the Library Bards

I got a chance to meet the Library Bards when Joe and I were guests at Baycon a few months ago.  They are, in a word, adorable.  They do geek parody songs that are infectious and witty, and they are an absolute blast to be around.  I owe them a drink from Baycon, and I am totally looking forward to catching them again.  So much fun.


10)  Buying Nancy Holder a drink.

Nancy Holder is an amazing writer, specializing in horror and tv/movie novelizations.  She has written books for such awesome properties as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Teen Wolf, Crimson Peak, and most recently, the latest Ghostbusters movie.  She is a total badass.  I was fortunate enough to become friends with Nancy years ago, when I was presenting an academic paper at the first Slayage Conference.  She even used my name as the mayor of New Orleans in one of her books (which I think is the coolest thing ever!). Joe and I were able to talk with her at Comic Con years ago.  Nancy is one of the most supportive and kind individuals you will ever meet.  When she found out Joe and I were aspiring writers, she gave us advice, guidance, and encouragement.


And this weekend, we are going to buy this awesome lady a drink and tell her how much that all meant to us.


So there you are.  Ten of the coolest things I am looking forward to when Gelineau and King return at last to fabulous San Diego Comic Con.

And if you’re going to be there too, then be sure to find us and say hello!




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