Ferran, a young man haunted by childhood terrors of demons.

Trained to channel those visions into power at the Order of Talan. He is not alone in this fight against the darkness.

New terrors to be faced, new evils to fear. He is among the unlucky few who, for their own reasons, choose to hunt the dark and fell things of ancient days.

In doing so, they must face who they once were, who they are, and who they might yet become.

Book 1: Rend the Dark
Book 2: Skinshaper

1 Comment

  1. Charlie says:

    After purchasing them at the SVCC yesterday and finishing these two, I have to say that from the first word the stories flow fluidly, seamlessly and very well. Plus, I did not feel you have to read one without the other to enjoy thoroughly. Each stands alone equally well as together. I confess that I read Book 2 before Book 1 and it flowed just fine. No spoilers. I am now anxious for Book 3. Bravo Mark and Joe. Nice meeting you, Joe. I think these stories would be a great part of Scholastic Reading for young readers. Thank you. So glad I stopped by and picked the three books. Now I am interested in getting the rest. I am also interested in creating a drawing of Mireia and Ferran. I can easily see your stories also published as graphic novels. Best of luck to you and Mark, though I don’t think you really need it. All the same, wish you both great success!



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